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Inventors depend on strong intellectual property laws to defend their innovations- create jobs- and secure investors. The Inventor’s Project was created to help protect those laws through education.

The Importance of Strong Patents


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ASU Polytechnic July 2017

The Inventor’s Project hosted The Power of Inventing at Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, Arizona. The day featured a slew of inventors and intellectual property experts highlighted by a keynote address from inventRight’s Stephen Key. Congressman Paul Gosar, Co-Chair of the Congressional Inventions Caucus also addressed attendees on the importance of the American innovation machine.

Kansas City October 2017

The Inventor’s Project hosted The Power of Inventing 2.0 at The Kauffman Foundation Conference Center in Kansas City, MO. Co-hosted by The Ennovation Center and Inventors Center of Kansas City. we were honored to have Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver speak as well as addresses from the USPTO and local business leaders and entrepreneurs.





Who We Are

Co-Director - Charles Sauer
Co-Director – Charles Sauer
Charles is an economist and policy specialist. He has spent time on Capitol Hill, with a Governor, an academic think tank, and now as an entrepreneur as President of the Market Institute LLC. He has been published on, Fox Business, the Daily Caller, and Women Entrepreneur in addition to writing congressional testimony and speeches for politicians, business owners, and academics.
Co-Director - James Edwards
Co-Director – James Edwards
James Edwards advises companies, associations, and organizations on intellectual property and other policy and business matters. An entrepreneur, Edwards cofounded a public affairs firm, where he built a successful consulting practice, as well as founding his current consultancy. Edwards served as an association executive at the respected Healthcare Leadership Council, and spent five years on U.S. Senate and the U.S. House staffs, as well as Special Assistant at the Senate Judiciary Committee. He has advised, led, founded, or mentored more than 50 companies and organizations.